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    AKK FX2-ultimate-mini

    AKK FX2-ultimate-mini

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    SKU: AKK FX2-ultimate-mini
    Weight: 8 grams
    Stock: Stock available

    Brand: AKK
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    Key features:
    Support Smart audio 
    25mW/200mW/600mW power switchable
    One button frequency and power setup
    OSD configuration using smart audio
    7-26V input with 5V/12V output for camera
    With MIC

    VTX has 5V&12V output to camera. Please solder 5V camera to
    5V-out solder pad, or solder 12V camera to 12V-out solder pad. 
    Never solder 5V camera to 12V-out solder pad or solder 12V camera to
    5V-out solder pad, which may damage camera.
    Never solder 5V-out and 12V-out at the same time.

    The selections in yellow are not available due to FCC regulation. 
    Warning: Unlock yellow selections by pressing button 8s until 
    7 LED light up simultaneously. Special unlocking procedure requires 
    HAM license. All yellow selections will automatically locked each time
    the power turned off. 
    The use and operation of this product requires an amateur radio license.
    Please apply license before purchasing and using this product.