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    Betafpv 1103 8000KV Brushless Motors

    Betafpv 1103 8000KV Brushless Motors

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    SKU: Betafpv 1103 8000KV Brushless Motors
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    Brand: Betafpv
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    Incredible power, smooth and quiet operation, and light enough for even the smallest builds. Get it while you can! 1103 brushless motor comes with three KV options:

    15000KV - Compatible to most of 85-120mm toothpick drone and Whoop drone, gets nicer flying experience on 1S drone.

    11000KV - Customized for Beta75X 2S, powerful and durable.

    8000KV- Specially made for Beta75X 3S, Beta75X HD also suitable for most 3S whoop on the market, provide you with much more thrust.

    Let's see how the testing result from Nate Payne!! 

    Bullet Points

    • With strengthened cable, it is thicker which will not easy to break off, specially lengthened motor wires are suitable for toothpick drones
    • Shaft diameter is 1.5mm, convenient installation with Micro JST-1.25 3-pin connector
    • Extensive and rough testing ensures its ability to withstand some of the worst crashes, offers incredible power, efficiency, and torque
    • Built from the High-quality Aviation Aluminum Alloy, Sintered NdFeB N48H High-temperature Magnets, and Japanese Kawasaki Silicon Steel Sheets Iron Core

    Note: DO NOT recommend the 1103 11000KV motors for 3S power. If you try this combo, the motors will overheat and burn (maybe the ESC). As a result, it will cause permanently damage to the motor or ESC.

    Recommended Parts

    1103 8000KV / 11000KV Motor:

    1103 15000KV Motor:


    • Height: 14mm
    • Shaft: φ1.5mm
    • Motor Mount Holes: M1.6 on Dia 8.5mm
    • KV (rpm/V): 8000 / 11000 / 15000
    • Plug: Micro JST-1.25 3-pins connector


      •  4 * BETAFPV 1103 Brushless Motors (15000KV / 11000KV / 8000KV)
      •  1 * Spare pack of M1.6*4 screws