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Drone Industry

Drones are a safe and cost effective technology well suited for aerial shots. Compare to full size helicopters and fixed wing aircraft they are highly maneuverable, stable, quiet, are setup in matter of minutes, easily transported and doesn’t give any carbon emissions during operations.

Inspecting assets manually is a timeconsuming and labor intensive process. Using our high resolution cameras, we can detect cracking, chipping, surface degradation, shifting and corrosion in a cost-effective and safe manner with a rapid turnaround of inspection data.

Drone mapping is a powerful mapping tool for inspection. It generates accurate contour maps using ground control, allowing you to safely and easily capture a high resolution aerial view of a site minutes.


Main Services

Drone Photo & Video
Aerial Services
Aerial Photo & Videography, Mapping (Land Survey, Agriculture Solutions, Site Progress & etc), Site & Building inspection, Property showcase, Near infrared (NIR) surveys to produce NDVI imaging of golf courses, crops, fields, reserves.
Supply Parts & Repairs
FPV Drones
FPV racing is an exciting new sport that combines high-tech drones and highspeed racing. Most commonly this hobby will Fly, Crash & Rebuild your drones. Hobbygeng is your local shop that supply parts and repairs!
Design & Print
3D Printing
We do 3D printing services such as design and print. We have various type of filament and colors that you can choose. Please inform us the filament type of your STL file and we will use the best quality of filament to print it.
We Also Supply


Eco Mode

ECO mode & TURBO mode. Riding on ECO mode will extend the range of the scooter by 3X compared to TURBO mode


High performance dual motor drive, dual suspension e-scooter that brings off-road performance into the urban environment


We don't want the fun ends shortly. It have powerful battery and can be upgradable to a longer range with external battery

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E-Scooter & Drone Specialist
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