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    Gemfan 5030 B 4L ABS
    RM  8.00  3.00   62%  
    Gemfan 5045 B 3Blade 4L ABS
    RM  14.00  4.00   71%  
    HQ Prop DPS5x4x3 PC Pink
    RM  9.00  5.00   44%  
    HQ Prop 5x4.6x3 O
    RM  10.00  2.00   80%  
    DYS XT3045030 BLUE
    RM  6.00  4.00   33%  
    HQ Prop DPS5x4x3 Pink
    RM  9.00  5.00   44%  
    DYS XT3045030 GREEN
    RM  6.00  4.00   33%  

    Hobby Geng is a brand under company
    RC Hobby Geng Enterprise (002559004-K). Hobby Geng is a
    creative solutions provider, design and aerial firm, bringing
    together professionals with strengths in various fields:
    aerial inspection, 3D mapping, property showcase and 3D
    printing service.

    Hobby Geng fulfills its mission by delivering high quality,
    top level services for those individuals and companies willing
    to allow full expression of their goals and ideas. We are working
    with an excellent team of designers, drone pilot, multimedia experts
    and managers which are able to get involved in your particular
    project needs to help you establish new brand, create, expand or
    maintain company as an effective business tool on-line and off-line.


    Hobby Geng provides:


    The Hobby Geng consists of a divergent team consisting
    of civil aviation pilots, film editors and camera operators.
    The result? Fresh projects on a solid base! Our team, our
    activities and developments are focused on optimisation
    and solutions. This forces us to be ahead of time which
    often leads to innovative ideas.

    Our pilots are experienced pilots who know all about
    aviation and safety regulations to guarantee that we
    work legal, safe and respect privacy laws and rules


    We are the premier provider of online 3D
    printing services for rapid prototyping, with an
    extensive network of local services provided.
    From online order upload to additive fabrication,
    we strive to maintain high operational standards,
    quality 3D prints with low prices, and fast order
    fulfillment for consumers and businesses.